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Telemedicine (Virtual Visits)

Introduction to Telemedicine (“Virtual”) Visits with Waukesha Pediatric Associates

  • doxy.me is our platform.  You will need either a phone with a camera or a computer with
    webcam and microphone ability.  There is a phone app available you can find it by going
    to the doxy.me website and downloading.
  • Click on the link early and look around the site and make sure that the webcam and
    sound are working (may need to be enabled in settings on a computer or may need to
    give permission for the app to access on phone).  You may also have to update your
  • 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time of the appointment click on the link and start the
    visit so you will show up in the doctor's waiting room as soon as he/she is ready to start
    the visit.
  • Prior to the visit:
    • weight of the child
    • take the child's temperature
    • have a flashlight available for better visibility for physician if needed
    • write down questions, symptoms (how long, getting worse or getting better, how

                   are they affecting eating/sleeping/mood/etc.)

  • The doctor can see the patient waiting in his/her “waiting room” once the patient is ready
    and the doctor is the one to click the visit and start it.
    (waiting times for each patient are shown)

Physician Waiting Room Links: